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The prevalence of impotence, medically known as erectile dysfunction, worldwide is one of mens biggest fears and most suffered sexual health conditions. At an alarmingly increasing rate, more and more men are likely to suffer from the effects of ED at some point in their life. ED has usually been looked at as a common condition in older men, with an estimated half of men between the age of 40 - 70 years old already experiencing symptoms to some degree. However, studies are indicating an increase in younger men experiencing various levels of erectile dysfunction.

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The introduction of generic medications like the very popular Eriacta improves the way men are getting effective and much more affordable ED treatments today. Viagra was the most popular medication until the introduction of generic versions changed that. Generic medications are much cheaper than branded versions and carry the same safety and quality as the branded versions. Eriacta, just like Viagra, is sildenafil based and harnesses all of the same benefits and side effects associated with its famous branded brother, Viagra. The demand for effective ED medication continues to rise as more men are suffering from the devastating symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and more men are now turning to Eriacta as their ED medication of choice.

How Does Eriacta Work?

Eriacta works wonders for men who are actively treating erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil medication, like Eriacta works by blocking the phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE-5) enzyme and prevents degradation of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) chemical. The cGMP chemical is the substance that is responsible for relaxing the smooth muscles and widening the blood vessels (vasodilation), particularly in the genital and pelvic area. When the PDE-5 enzyme is blocked, the cGMP levels increase in the smooth muscles allowing increased blood flow to the penile tissue. Because the smooth muscles are relaxed, the higher levels of blood rapidly move to the penile tissue and result in the penile tissue becoming erect; thus, an erection form.

It is important to understand that sexual stimulation is important when using sildenafil medications like Eriacta. When the body becomes sexually stimulated, nitric oxide is then released into the body causing and increased level of cGMP to store in the smooth muscles and promoting blood flow. The longer the cGMP chemical remains in the body, the longer the erection will last. If the body is not sexually stimulated, the nitric oxide responsible for increasing the level of cGMP into the penile tissue will not be released into the body and the actions of the ED medication will not come into effect.

How to Use Eriacta?

Eriacta is a sildenafil-based medication and contains the recommended 100 mg of this medication. To achieve the best results, users should take 1 dose of Eriacta orally, 30- 60 minutes before planned sexual activity. The medicine will start to take effect and last for 4-6 hours after initial consumption. If users experience a delay in effect, it is strongly advised not to take more than 1 dose of this medication within 24 hours. Doing so increases the potential risk of side effects associated with this medication and will not accelerate effects and strength.

To assist with ingestion and absorption, users should take Eriacta with a full glass of water and on an empty stomach. Alternatively, users can eat a light, low-fat meal or snack before taking this medication with minimal effects to onset times of effect. If users eat large and fatty foods with high caloric content, it will delay the time it takes to absorb into your stomach and substantially reduce the strength of Eriacta. It is advised that the tablet be taken in complete form and not crushed or chewed as it can leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth and may delay the time of onset effects

How is Eriacta Different to Viagra?

The only difference that Eriacta and Viagra have is the purchase price. Viagra was first approved in 1998 as the brand name for sildenafil. Before it was launched, the FDA required this medication to be put through a series of compulsory research and development tests to ensure that the medication met the safety standards set by the FDA before being released as a new drug to the market. As a result, carried the heavy costs associated with introducing a new medication. When sildenafil was released to the market under the name Viagra, it came with a 20-year patent so that no other company could copy it. As a result, the sale price to the consumer was heavily inflated, and it became very expensive to get treatment.

In 2012 however when the patent that protected Viagra expired. As a result, other pharmaceutical companies made generic versions of Viagra. The research and development had already been done years earlier, which meant the costs of reproduction we slashed to a fraction of the cost. The much lower sale price showed that. Generic medications are much cheaper but are also FDA approved, and there is no decline in safety, strength, reliability and quality. Generic medications are now very affordable, and more people can feel safe knowing Eriacta is safe to use.

Benefits of Eriacta

There has always been a negative view towards erectile dysfunction and its effects on mens physical and mental health who are suffering from this potentially devastating condition. For a long time, many men could not afford the expensive and limited ED medications available. But times have changed, and with access to generic versions of the same effective medication, men are now actively treating their symptoms much sooner.

One fantastic benefit when using Eriacta is that this highly effective medication has helped so many men treat their ED conditions and helped improve their mental health immensely. Some may have felt ashamed and embarrassed, while others may suffer from depression and anxiety. Whatever the case may be, men can regain a sense of pride knowing they can restore their sexual health and wellbeing, live a happier and healthier life and not have to worry about leaving a massive dent in their wallets.

The benefits associated with Eriacta far outweigh the downsides in so many ways. When it comes to getting the proper medication to treat erectile dysfunction conditions, this medication is at the top of the list. More men can benefit in so many ways and enjoy much happier and healthier relationships with their partners and themselves physically, mentally and sexually.

Eriacta Side Effects

Eriacta and all sildenafil-based medications have been FDA approved. They are considered safe to use for most people, with only a small group who may not benefit from this medication. People who are allergic to sildenafil or suffer from severe cardiovascular issues, kidney disease, or liver disease are advised to speak to a medical professional to reduce the risk of experiencing adverse side effects.

Common side effects are, but are not limited to:

  • Headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Hot flushes
  • Indigestion

Adverse side effects may occur to users if not used correctly. The adverse side effects are, but not limited to:

  • Burning and itching during urination
  • Severe chest pain
  • Seizures
  • Severe shortness of breath.

Any person who may be experiencing common or more severe side effects is strongly advised to contact a doctor or other relevant health professional as soon as possible. If users want more information regarding the side effects of sildenafil, they can read the patient information leaflet at our website.

Is Eriacta Safe?

As aforementioned, this FDA approved this medication and is considered a safe medication for treating erectile dysfunction symptoms, as declared by the FDA generic drugs program. This program of the FDA assures absolute safety and quality of any new medication before being released on the market to ensure the benefits and side effects have been taken into consideration.

Eriacta and all other sildenafil-based medications are considered safe to use, however, if patients are currently taking any nitrate-based medications to treat other preexisting conditions such as liver disease, or kidney disease are advised to consult with a doctor or health care professional before using sildenafil-based medications. Patients who suffer from any form of cardiovascular-related issues such as a stroke or heart attack are advised to avoid using this medication to minimize experiencing side effects.

In conclusion, Eriacta is a proven high safety and quality, assured by the FDA. Using this incredibly effective medication has shown fantastic result to users providing users avoid consuming alcohol because both this medication and alcohol together lower the users blood pressure and other medications both medicinal and/or recreational especially nitrate-based medications.

Eriacta User Reviews

Reviews are an essential tool to utilize before placing an order of Eriacta online. The internet has many pros and cons, and when it comes to buying anything, online reviews help more people get the correct information about this medication instantly. Online reviews provide an excellent avenue for current or previous users of medications like Eriacta and other medicines to inform new customers about the benefits and risks of buying ED medications online.

New customers rely on reviews to ensure that they can avoid counterfeit medications and scams and access authentic medications. Ultimately, online reviews are an asset that provides an extra level of assurance to new customers before placing an order of Eriacta online. When you have placed your order and have used this incredible medication, drop a review to help let other men out there know how your experience with Eriacta has been. Your review can be a massive help for other men suffering from a similar situation to you and reassure them that there is a safe and viable way for them to get treatment today.

Before You Buy Eriacta Online in Europe

Buying erectile dysfunction medications online surpasses the traditional way of going into a chemist to get treatment. Online pharmacies do not bear the burden of the high overhead costs that high street brands bare. When comparing the two, the massive price gap shows exactly why shopping for erectile dysfunction medication like Eriacta at our online pharmacy is the best method of choice. Buying this very safe and high-quality medication at our online pharmacy is guaranteed not to take a massive hit to the pocket and will ensure you get exactly what you need.

Avoiding the embarrassment of going to the doctor or an in-store chemist to get a prescription for ED medications is now a reality. Generic medicines like Eriacta are prescription free and are easily accessible right from the comfort of your own home. When placing your order of Eriacta online, you have the added security of safe and secure payment options. You can enjoy a range of fantastic discounts and promotions, and all delivered right to your door safely and discreetly.

Where to Buy Eriacta Online in Europe?

The advantage of having instant access to the best medication on the market from the privacy of your home and the benefits of affordability, great discounts and deals are all delivered discreetly right to your door. Buying Eriacta is easy. Simply head to our easy to navigate website kamagratablets.com, from there, you will be able to choose the quantity you require.

Once you have selected Eriacta or your medication of choice and the quantity you require, all you will need to do is choose from one of our secure payment options: we accept major credit cards (Visa & MasterCard), bank transfers and Bitcoin. When you have selected your payment method, and your order has been completed, you will receive an email confirming your payment, the discreet descriptor name that will appear on your statement and the estimated delivery date.

All Eriacta orders are safely and securely packed within 24 hours of receiving payment. Packages are discreetly labelled with no indicators of contents to ensure complete discretion. Our Europe packing and distribution center ensures delivery within Europe and EU is fast. Orders will arrive at your door within 4 - 7 days in Europe after payment. Call or email us directly, and our friendly customer service team will be happy to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Buy Eriacta now and invigorate your love life today!

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